Buy online aronia from Bulgaria – super quality and low prices

Farm Shayen is located in southeast Bulgaria near the town of Primorsko. Everything starts in 2012 with a few acres of fertile land planted with a few seeds of vegetables and fruits. Today, the production of the farm is a leader on the Bulgarian market, and the brand is a personality of the perfect ratio between taste, price and quality. People who live on the outskirts of Farm Shayen feel extremely privileged to have so many fresh organic products available directly from the manufacturer, which stimulates owners to produce more and more quantities each year.

It works together with another smaller family farm in Ruse – Garden Ltd., which has large areas for apples and aronia. In, you can find many organic products made from aronia and apples such as juice, syrup or wine. The prices are affordable and the delivery is really fast.

Buy online aronia from Bulgaria – super quality and low prices

Aronia has been known in North America since the time of the Indians, who used it mainly because of its many healing properties. Over time, it has lost its widespread use, and nowadays it is re-popularized because of the unusual tendency to eat superfoods. It is considered a superfood because of all the vitamins it consists.

Check out the site’s suggestions and choose a product such as juice or aronia wine that you most like. All offers are cheap and have a clinically proven effect. Aronia wine can be purchased in a pack of 10 litres for 35 leva and the juice in a vacuum pack of 2 litres. You can order an article from the online store easily and quickly from the site without signing up or by calling 0894663102, where you can ask your questions if you have them and you will be explained in detail everything unclear about Farm Shayen produces.

Order online some of the aronia products in an unlimited amount from the website. This could be a great gift for us or our closest friends because its consumption three times a day has a clinically proven effect. Give freshness of your day and take a daily dose of vitamins with just a few sips. If you have any questions, please call 0894663102, who will be happy to explain everything that is unclear to you.