Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for men

The cosmetic surgery industry has changed vastly in the last 5 years. Most notably cosmetic surgery for men has seen a year on year rise.

It’s often thought that women are the main driving force in cosmetic procedures, however, in the United Kingdom we see more and more men seeking cosmetic procedures
Popular cosmetic surgery for men may include fat transfer, male breast reduction, and rhinoplasty procedures.

Why Are More Men Seeking Cosmetic Surgery?

This is down to many factors. Social media and the way male celebrities are viewed within the media cannot be underestimated.
With TV shows like Love Island and The Only Way is Essex also proving popular with young men, it’s no longer just about anti-ageing.
Rather than male patients all being over 50 like in times gone by many men are now seeking cosmetic procedures at a young age.


What Procedures Are Men Choosing?

This depends on the age of the men. Younger men are seeking body sculpting and facial contouring procedures, including rhinoplasty.
Men in their 40s who may be unhappy with their ‘dad bod’ are opting for male breast reduction surgery. For the same reason, fat removal procedures are proving popular.
For the older men visiting the clinic, we hear requests for facial rejuvenation surgery. This can include neck lift surgery, facelift surgery or blepharoplasty procedures. These include upper or lower eyelid reduction; in some cases, it’s both.


When Is the Right Time to Undergo Surgery?

This is entirely down to the patient. Some men find the surgery helps as an in solution, so will likely only seek it later in life.
For young men, it may be that they’re unhappy with their body in their twenties. Every patient’s journey is different.


Getting More Information

If you’re considering facial rejuvenation surgery or body contouring surgery it’s important to seek the advice of an expert. There is a helpful article here if you need some help choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

Picking a plastic surgeon who understands these procedures mentioned above inside out is the best option. Mr Khanna is a consultant with many years of experience in offering cosmetic surgery Birmingham.

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