What everyone is saying about cosmetic surgery in Atlanta

Prior to the cosmetic surgery in Atlanta there is minimal preparation needed, as those
patients who are in good overall health are typically ready to walk
right in and undergo treatment after having their initial consultation.
Once the patient is ready, he or she has the option of taking advance
medication to help relax and prepare for the operation prior to the
application of local anesthesia, which numbs the affected area to make
the experience painless while not forcing the individual to lose
To complete the operation, the cosmetic surgeon typically makes an incision
along a natural crease of the skin under the hairline in order to make
it unnoticeable. This incision begins near the temple and continues down in front of the ear, ending near the earlobe.
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The skin is then lifted out from the face to allow for extra skin and fat to be removed. Once it is, the affected facial muscles and underlying tissues are repositioned and the remaining skin is tightened to eliminate wrinkles and provide a smooth contour to the face. Small sutures are then used to close the wound, which are able to be removed within a week for most patients.
This mini facelift can produce the same type of results as a full, more involved version, but is much easier on the patient. Most individuals can resume normal activity within three days following the cosmetic surgery.