Is there a Bansko ski pass price with a crazy discount?

Have you tried skiing?

If that is something you would like to improve or you are a beginner, you need a good place where to learn and improve your skills. Bansko is one of the most famous place in Bulgaria with 75km skiing terrain, which is perfect for the cases you need. If you are going to bring a company, who is an expert, he’ll not be bored, because there is also a black slope only for professionals, which’ve already hosted a number of world ski competitions. Is there a Bansko ski pass price with a crazy discount? As you’ve probably heard so, it’s absolutely true and at you may find the cheapest options in Bulgaria for ski.
Is there a Bansko ski pass price with a crazy discount?, managed by Adventure Travel provides ski packages, ski rental and tuition and hot accommodation deals to the customers from all over the world. The platform provides easy and comprehensive booking system for the benefit of the guests, which saves them time and money. The Bansko ski pass price could be a perfect deal if you choose a package. For example the combinations of lift card plus ski hire or lift card plus ski school is a deal with 15% less.

The discount for booking the ski hire online is with 10% less and if you choose to combine everything – the school, the ski rent, including everything (skis, boots and poles) and the lift card, that is the lowest Bansko ski pass price. The full package is with 45% discount. It sounds really crazy, but it’s true. Highly recommended lessons for beginners are with Ulen Group School, and if you’re looking for a more challenging experience, you might choose an offpisteride Guide. Whether new to winter sports or deeply addicted, skiing or snowboarding in Bansko is an experience you won’t forget soon. Have a try.