The cake craft keeps developing in Sheffield!

Cake crafting is one of the best culinary arts.

It is a relatively new concept compared to cake baking and it started to be practiced during the mid-17th century in Europe. The purpose of decorating the cakes was to be displayed at banquets and parties held by European aristocracy. Even back then, cakes were designed with colors and supplies.

During the 19th century, it was the French who popularized the concept of dessert and brought decorated cakes to the people’s dining tables. They also separated them as a meal at the end of the dinner. It was called a dessert time. And it is the same until today.

Nowadays, the art of cake craft in Sheffield has become popular across the world. Each region has its own style and techniques. Decorated cakes are an integral part of all events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. Now we take them for granted, but we are not aware of the long and interesting history of cake craft in Sheffield and all around the world.

During the years, there are different types of decorations developed. The most common one is the buttercream icing which is made by creaming butter until pale with icing sugar, vanilla, and milk. The icing can be spread over a cake and it can also be flavored with color or chocolate and is perfect for all kind of cakes. The only thing is that the icing has to be cooled because it melts easily.

Another, very popular icing is the fondant. It can be kneaded and rolled out to cover cakes. Its firmness helps keep cakes fresh. It is often used for big cakes, wedding cakes. Fondant can be made at home although it is usually purchased from specialty shops.

A typical American-style frosting is called Meringue and is made from egg whites, caster sugar and water. It is whipped and then spread over the cake.

And at last, one rich chocolate icing, which is made from either white or dark chocolate and cream. Ganache can look shiny or matte and is used as filling or piped into decorations.

cake craft Sheffield

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