The rules of retail expansion Bulgaria has set


Being a success in the neighborhood does not give you any guarantee to get your fortunes rising well in any other place. We won’t argue if your gut is telling to go bigger and try to move your business to a higher level. But for the retail expansion Bulgaria has a kind of unwritten rules that are recommended to stick with. If you don’t, you won’t go to jail, God forbid, but your consumer’s goods trade might start to fade.

So what are these rules? Choosing the right place is a vital move, regardless of the reason –an attempt to escape from a dead-end street or an ambition to relocate some good working business to a better environment. In the retail expansion, Bulgaria set this task as the highest priority. One step in the wrong direction might ruin the whole enterprise even if it is about one store out of ten in the portfolio of a company. You need lots of people move around the new place just to have a better chance to not go unnoticed. Except your brand is famous nationwide you have to be aware of the competition in the area – there’s no point to open a bike store 30 feet away from another bike store.

Assuming the spot was located and it’s a good one. But can you afford it? Many people might be coming and even buying but the renting fee could make everything crumble down anyway. So the detailed analysis comparing place and prices of a possible move is strongly advised to be performed and in the area of retail expansion Bulgaria wouldn’t offer you better options – or at least not many, than Forton. Our experts are prepared to tell you about the bad scenarios if they see any danger but will also guide to a pattern of expansion which will give a greater chance to succeed.