When Holiday Properties Become Residential


The pandemic brought a number of upheavals, but it also helped us rethink our way of life and our values. In this regard, it has had an effect on the real estate market in the sea resorts, particularly in the Sunny Beach. People dream about a quieter life, closer to nature and living away from the busy big cities. This time the dreams of living in a quiet place are much easier to achieve with work from home and the thousands of opportunities that have gained popularity, to lead a normal life and from a distance, meetings, training, shopping and more.

The real estate market of holiday properties is active
So holiday’s properties are booming, market activity has spread to resorts, villages and small towns, while previously it was concentrated mainly in large cities. This gives hope and opportunity for more sustainable regional development.

Many people need more time to return to their native Black Sea coast first as tourists, which is really happening at the moment, to like and see the thousands of profitable properties for sale by the sea. We can expect an increase in the interest of Bulgarians in seaside resorts.

Attractive properties for low price
Sea prices are the only property prices that have fallen slightly this year. This is due to the fact that much of the demand was foreign, and currently it can not materialize and the resorts that relied on foreign tourists and foreign property buyers, respectively, are most affected by the crisis.

You may choose to live in the resort of Sunny Beach permanently. People are attracted by amazing beaches, beautiful nature, and opportunities for outdoor activities. While in summer there are noisy crowd of tourists in the resort, in winter Sunny Beach is calm and quiet place.

People that prefer a comfortable life in picked seaside resorts are choosing to buy properties in the Sunny Beach.